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About Kesar Infra

Kesar Infra is a new venture of Kesar Steel, a well established Company in South Gujarat and proving its standard of service along with better quality. Kesar Infra is on the path towards the place where the clients have full trust and satisfaction.

What is Ready Mix Concrete (RMC)?

Ready Mix Concrete is a concrete that is batched at a central batching plant instead of being mixed at a Construction site. Grade and content in each batch of concrete may vary as per Architect / consultant of construction site, and is delivered to the construction site in a specific vehicle with continuously mixing cylinder which is called as Miller. This vehicle is continuously mixing the Concrete mixture of RMC in transit so the mixture will not settle to solid form in vehicle.
We are supplying SCC, PQC, ESC concrete as per required by clients. Concrete grade range available through M7.5 to max M70.

Why Ready Mix Concrete (RMC)?

  • Consistent Quality- concrete is made in high tech batching plants in a computerized environment.
  • Due to consistent supply and through machinery construction work done in double quick time.
  • Raw materials are chosen after strict quality checks and maintained proper quantity through computerized measurement.
  • Large quantities of concrete can be ordered. This allows customer to upgrade himself and handle projects of any size.
  • Wastage of raw materials at site is minimized. Complete batching is done at plants, based on quality and grade needed.
  • Managing labour on site is not needed incase of RMC. Supply of ready-to-use concrete from plant in Transit Mixers and well-equipped technical crew will handles the pouring and patching of concrete at the site which results best quality work.
  • Safe work practices and no more questions to rescheduling the concrete work in case of man power or raw material problems.
  • Customer will not have to stock materials and watch over them. There’s no worry about pilferage as the concrete is directly supplied to site in Transit Mixer.


A concrete pump is an extremely useful item in the construction business as it can distribute large volumes of concrete in a short amount of time and it does not need more space like onsite mixing. Concrete trucks could deposit their entire load into the concrete pumping equipment at once. A hydraulic pump draws the concrete inside the machine to be distributed at a fast pace. There are two main types of pumps used by a concrete pumping service: boom pump and line pump.

The most common type of a concrete pump is a boom pump. It usually is mounted onto a truck and has a robotic arm that is controlled by a remote control in order to accurately eject the concrete into forms, this forms must be much reinforced with heavy scaffolding and frame work to bare the impact of the concrete flow come from boom. Boom pumps may be on a truck that has anywhere from two to six axles. The booms are in sections which unfold to supply additional length and may have up to six sections. The maximum unfolding length can reach up to 200 feet (about 61 m). These pumps are mainly used in huge construction work and which has powerful scaffolding work done for large size project. With help of boom pump the time of concreting work can be reduced up to 40% of the on site mixing process.

Line concrete pumps typically consist of a separate piece of equipment that is mounted on either a trailer or truck. They work on the same principle as the boom pump except that this concrete pump uses manual labor to distribute the materials through long placing hoses into the form. Line pumps dispense concrete at a slower rate than boom pumps, so these pumps are commonly used for those jobs where accuracy and more attention is required in light construction work like roof of house, PCC work, RCC foundations, etc.

Benefits of RMC over On site Mixing

Reduction in cement consumption by 10 – 12 % due to better handling and proper mixing. Further reduction is possible if mineral admixtures or cementitious materials are used. Since ready mixed concrete (RMC) uses bulk cement instead of bagged cement, dust pollution will be reduced and cement will be saved. Conservation of energy and resources because of saving of cement. Environment pollution is reduced due to less production of cement. With better durability of structure, their overall service life increase and there is saving in life-cycle cost. Quality assurance due to mechanical handling and uniformity of processes. Eliminating or minimizing human error and reduction in dependency on labour. General benefits like speedy work, stability of structures etc..

Kesar Infra has a Ready Mix Concrete plant equipped with advanced technology which helps to monitor quality and quantity of material used in concrete.

Transit Mixer has a most important role in industry of RMC. It is a special vehicle used to transport ready concrete mix to the clients site without losing quality of concrete. the common rule for wet concrete, it has a particular time period to be settled. Which it has to be placed / filled in form of structure before the time period lapses. Transit Mixer carries the wet concrete mix and it rotates the container drum during transportation and this way it helps RMC plant to ensure about the proper quality of material supplied to the client site.

Kesar Infra is ready with no. of transit mixers to serve better and quality Ready Mix Concrete to its Clients.

Our Services


Kesar Infra provides prompt supply and service to establish strong base for trust with all clients. Kesar Infra plant always ready with Raw material to prepare a concrete batch as per required by clients as per IS10262-1009. With enough space, high tech plant machinery and transit mixers we are successfully proving the name of Kesar Infra for prompt and better Quality of Supply.

Quality Control

Kesar Infra owns a RMC Plant equipped with latest technology to maintain quantity of Raw Materials as per norms of Concrete Grade for constant quality of concrete, this ensures the customer for best value for his money. All Material used in RMC is checked and accepted as per IS 456, IS383 and IS2386 standards.


We have a testing laboratory for RMC which is equipped with latest equipments. Which are used for cube testing, Sand Test and aggregate testing. All equipments are tested and calibrated regularly.

On Site Service

Kesar Infra is providing quick and better on site delivery of Concrete material. The grade and condition of concrete is maintained as per standard with help of ad mixer and transit mixer. Kesar infra has team of well trained staff and engineers to keep the quality of work and product on high standard.

Our Prestigious Clients